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Published: 04 Aug 2007 - 00:45 by nazurah90

Updated: 06 Aug 2007 - 02:58

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I have always been interested in squash. I am thinking of trying to play. Should I? Is it hard to learn?squash game squash extras How to add images to Members' Forum posts and replies here...


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From SamBWFC - 06 Aug 2007 - 02:58

I think that the first few months to a year of you starting, your game improves so fast you'll think you're going to become the best player in the world!


I started when I was about 14, and played once or twice a week. As long as you are shown properly from the start the correct grips, stances, swings etc so you don't get into any bad habits from the start, I think it's quite easy to learn.

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From rippa rit - 04 Aug 2007 - 07:53

nazurah - the main things in this game:
  •  Is to be able to hit a ball - and if you have played hockey, baseball, tennis, table tennis, golf your level of hand eye co-ordination should be fine.
  • If you are fit - that would be a bonus, otherwise take it easy to start with.
  • Read the Squash Safety section listed in the Squash Library before you get serious.
Squash has lots going for it, eg all weather, indoors, only takes an hour for a workout, and all your bad shots come back (stay within the court).

Why not? Enjoy!

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Hi Rita and Ray, I just want to express my word of thanks.Founding your website in December totally revalued my attitude towards the game.I was playing squash about four times a MONTH.

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