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Jumping Lunge

Published: 24 Oct 2008 - 23:41 by con771

Updated: 25 Oct 2008 - 07:26

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I am a fairly new player (1 year) and I find that times when I am going from back to front, I jump into lunging position (jump/lunge) for my last step. It has been noticed that I could prob. take an extra 2 steps in the time it takes me to jump/lunge for the final step. Of course the jump/lunge prob leaves me off balance easier but it has just come naturally. I don't consciously decide to do it.....

How should I change this habit?

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From rippa rit - 25 Oct 2008 - 06:53   -   Updated: 25 Oct 2008 - 07:26

con - jumping is not a good idea as that  eventually could cause a jarring problem on your joints, apart from the lack of balance when executing your shot, and loss of time moving off the ball into position. Old habits die hard, and it will take a bit of conscious footwork/movement/ghosting type court practice to change the habit.  One of our members referred to the movement as "ghost dance" and I think that is a good description of the movement, eg

  • long flowing balanced steps
  • the long lunging steps will lower your base of support giving more stability in your swing
  • radiating from the centre court area the maximum number of steps would be about three

The "relevant content" tab on the lefthand column will bring up quite a few links for you to view rather than me raving on any further.  By the way, start the ghosting practice without your racket, then progress to using your racket and swinging.

Refer to Library/Drills Routines/Ghosting

PS - One of our previous posts promoted the use of a Start Timer and here is the link to U-tube video showing the basic concept of ghosting movements.  I am not saying you need one of these Timers as you can set up your own pretend rallies, even in your backyard or park for that matter without needing to pay court hire. My comments on the movement in this video, as I would not like you to copy the "bobbing" up and down movement so much, and would prefer more a gliding action, like the dance concept, and never really put your heels on the ground until the rally is over. Then the bounce can happen as you spring off from the centre court to chase into the corners.  Remember the objective is to arrive at the ball (which will probably bounce only about 300cm high) with good racket preparation, and in a "ready" position to strike the ball. After swinging always keep the racket up in the ready position (not dangling around your knees); watch the ball as you move so that your court movement is always addressing the ball (and not backpedalling after the swing).



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