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Best place to stand during serve reception?

Published: 29 Jan 2009 - 14:56 by italguy10

Updated: 01 Feb 2009 - 19:48

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Could anyone tell me where is the best place to stand while receiving serve? I was told that it's best to stand in the middle of the receiving box, on a 45 degree angle facing the sidewall and within a step rom the wall? Correct?

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From Adz - 01 Feb 2009 - 19:48

I have to say..... MarkG's coach gives the same advice that I do to people who ask that question.

One racquet length back off the service box diagonal, then attack the serve with a volley whenever you can. Take it early and don't get stuck in the corners.


But all of the advice so far has been in the right direction.....

  • Take it early
  • Don't get stuck in the corners
  • Be prepared to move to the ball - don't expect it to come to you!

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From mike - 30 Jan 2009 - 15:51

Regardless of where you stand you have to be ready to move.  I face the front wall, but I have weight on a leg, ready to push off to change my position.

You can also alter your starting position depending on what you know about your opponent. If they always serve low and hard getting forward might be an idea to cut off and voley the serve. If they always lob high standing back might be better so your balanced when the ball is low enough to hit. Of course the serve should vary, but it doesn't always :)

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From MarkG - 30 Jan 2009 - 14:52

Hi Italguy

I had a playing lesson with my coach yesterday (former Indonesia number ; trained with world class coaches).  He corrected me on this very question.  Take one racquet's length back  from the corner of the servcie box (on a 45 degree angle):  stand here.  The reasoning is that you are one step from hitting anyball that comes your way.


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From rippa rit - 30 Jan 2009 - 09:27

Check out the Relevant Content & Relevant Video TAGS - see on the lefthand column.

We are looking into the site navigation to make it more friendly for new members to find what they are looking for....Raystrach is thinking about it as we speak to be done in conjunction with the additions to the Home Page....meantime the Search feature, and Squash Library tab, would be my first thought to find an answer, and then under Squashgame Gold there is a menu, one of which is Gold Squash Videos  will be a good starting point, if you have the time to read through the info of course that is.

Yes, I know I am a pain, but it would be helpful to assist you further if you have already read what has been put into the Squash Library about the topic, and that sort of gives a better basic starting point.

Meantime keep watching that ball at all times to get as much info as you can before the opponent hits the ball, and that will help heaps too.

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From raystrach - 30 Jan 2009 - 08:55   -   Updated: 30 Jan 2009 - 10:10

hi italyguy

to me there is no "right place". rather, whatever happens you need to be able to volley the serve if possible and you need to be able to repsond to different serves.

  • i tend to stand on the corner of the service box facing the front wall.
  • i can clearly see the serve and the server without peering over my shoulder
  • i can easily pick up a serve served down the middle or at my body
  • if the serve does come to the side wall, i can easily move my feet to face the side wall and move forward or back to take the ball on the volley
  • if it comes out at me i can take few steps back

some people like to stand in the back mid corner of the court and move diagonally forward on the serve. that is ok as long as you don't just stand there which is the biggest problem.

you must be ready to respond to the serve as to take the initiative

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