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Winning Ways

Published: 12 Apr 2005 - 16:01 by rippa rit

Updated: 29 Dec 2008 - 07:05

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Rippa Rita`s championship squash tip

When players are mean, and sometimes called lean and mean fighting machines I suppose that is understood when we look at the attributes of a top player in a  world of competition - more particularly when your livelihood depends on it. Good life skills too.

Have you got these attributes? 

    • A Winner never quits - a Quitter never wins.
    • Will to win
    • Hate to lose
    • Attack from the T - Volley - take the ball early
    • Hit and run
    • Fight for every point
    • Position shots (4 corners)
    • Capitalise on weaknesses
    • Ability to control the ball and hit it where you want to
    • Wait for the loose ball
    • Never give up
    • Make up your mind (long/short; high/low; soft/hard)
    • A winner adapts his game to suit
    • Prepare to control your mind and body for every match
    • He/She is "God"
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From rippa rit - 16 Oct 2008 - 07:16

Today, as I read the comments of the players after Day 5 of the World Open in Manchester I thought it has been a tough week, calling on all the abilities and experience of the players. Even when you are knocked out it is not really over as those reasons for defeat are addressed in ones mind over and over. I can visualise Rachael Grinham thinking she was not fully prepared for the mental challenge when she stepped on the court.  She had felt pressure from Vicky's type of game before, and that showed a weakness, something she had to really put her mind to, and change her game; a game she does not really like.

When "the going gets tough, the tough get going" and it is true for this contingent of top players.

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From rippa rit - 09 Nov 2007 - 07:25

It is so easy to use excuses as a cop out and blame.  After a few years of going through this "I should have won, but..." stuff , there comes a time when you have to wake up and take more responsibility with all of the above mentioned factors.

When it comes down to the "wire" it is very much a mind game too especially as things get longer and tougher.

A good sport for character building; it sure highlights any limitations.

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From drop-shot - 09 Nov 2007 - 06:43   -   Updated: 09 Nov 2007 - 06:43

After so many hours spent on court (tournaments, lessons, social gaming) I dare to say that squash is very much like physical chess. You do not have to win, you have to make your opponent loose. Winner type of guy should forget about "cheating" or "arguing with ref", just win the game, let your racket speak... I am pretty far from there but at least I have the target aimed correctly :-)(

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From edmpnd1961 - 03 Jul 2007 - 11:23

HI Adz,

Honesty is the best policy , as a younger player, u shd learn what's best , nobody likes or repects cheaters and if u cheat in squash, u cheat in anything u do in yr adult life.

And like what rippa said ,most champions do not cheat even at in a five setter at match pt, when  yr ball  is not up. they own up and congratulates the opponent.

That is the mark of a Great  and Worthy Champion and Sportmans.



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From rippa rit - 03 Jul 2007 - 07:38

Adz - both players know if they are cheating at a pro level.  A player with the attributes mentioned above should have no need to cheat I guess is the point.

Obviously if a player is unsure they will say nothing which, if acting strictly according to the rules, accepts the Refs decision,as the Ref controls the match. When it suits some of the players that is is the critical factor I guess. Personally, I say when you are up 6:3 it is a lot easier to be honest, but at 9all in the fifth the ref is always left to make the unpalatable decision, is more what you are referring to.

From what I see, if a player has a reputation of being a cheat (and the troupes know who is and it is common knowledge), the opponent will meet fire with fire.
If the players are honest normally both players respect each other enough to own up.

A true champion would not want to win by cheating I believe.  I think it then depends what you consider a champion. 

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From Adz - 02 Jul 2007 - 22:27

Winning ways brings up an interesting point. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that a player doesn't do everything within their ability to win as their livelihoods depend on it?

A "good sport" will openly admit to a shot that they believed was a bad pick-up, or cliped the line during service, or catch a ball that they hit over their own shoulder (even if not knowing where their opponent is!). But surely this "friendly" attitude becomes less present in a competative match where everything is on the line.

With money, fame and glory on the line, what if it is the will to do ANYTHING that seperates those destined for greatness with those who are the also-rans? What would you be prepared to do in a match that was worth $250,000? Would you let a double bounce go uncalled? Would you declare a double-hit? Would you try to deliberately cause "minimal interference"? Would you delay for a second longer, knowing that it was upsetting your opponents rhythm?

At what point would you say that YOU would stop!?


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From edmpnd1961 - 01 Jul 2007 - 14:30

Hi Rippa,

It's me again, every sports has it's own  set of Rules and Regulations which everyone involved understands and respects.

Sadly in squash, most of the pros do not read the full set of rules and no respect  given to referees, Thus even yr kindself deem refs as "god" and yes , very sad indeed.

Respect begets respect, and the rules apply to both players on court.( not to the one arguing only.)

As for the above winning attributes not everyone able to executed them otherwise there will no arguments with refs.




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From drop-shot - 14 Apr 2005 - 04:56

Well, I assume you exoect any letters on this topic, but honestly speaking it is too true to be commented. The things mentioned above should be written on every wall on every court in every club on earth. That's my opinion...

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