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Why shorten the grip?

A shorter lever makes the racket feel like an extension of the hand

A shorter lever makes the racket feel like an extension of the hand

Published: 05 Apr 2005 - 07:18 by rippa rit

Updated: 04 Nov 2006 - 08:47

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Players who start playing young using their parent's racket often find it better to hold the racket shorter up the handle. 

There are some advantages and disadvantages of shortening the grip.
  • The advantages of the shorter grip are:-
    •  It gives better wrist/racket head control.
    •  It enables the return of tight, low soft shots to be driven from the back wall which might otherwise have to be boasted.
    •  Reduces the radius of the swing.
    •  It can deceive the opponent who does not watch carefully, and is expecting a boast, causing them to be going in the opposite direction.
    • Young juniors will find their wrist has better control and not drag them down with the extra length.
  • The disadvantages of the shorter grip if used for all shots:-
    • Lack of leverage which could cause a loss of power.
    • The shorter lever sacrifices the extra reach or maybe requires another step towards the ball, which takes time.
    • The swing may develop into a flick rather than a full swing.
    • The grip will be smaller and gripping the racket tightly may cause the muscles in the fingers and arm to cramp over an extended period.
    • The balance of the racket will change.
  • Note: This shorter grip need not be for all shots, but can be adjusted as necessary. It is not recommended to try experimenting until you have mastered the conventional methods.
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From rippa rit - 04 Nov 2006 - 08:47

Just thought of this in gest.  The opposite to what we are talking about here.
Why lengthen the grip?
If you keep getting slower like me you will need to just hold the racket with two fingers (arm outstretched) and get the handle as long as possible to make up for the lack of quick steps.
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