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Your comments, opinions or questions on anything and everything Squash.

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Replies: 1631

29 Nov 20: World solution of-S.s.d chemical [[ +27678263428 ]

29 Nov 20: -Win court cases-Protection spell call+27678263428

29 Nov 20: love spell Caster on love come-back +27634599132

25 Nov 20: Squash after Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

27 Sep 20: Squash vs Racquetball

Squash TV Talk

Discuss and analyse all the great Squash matches as shown on Squash TV

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Replies: 19


30 Nov 20: Nicol David (Mal) is the 2011 Cayman Is Open Champ

20 Nov 20: Nth American Open, Richmond, Virginia

25 Jun 19: PSA squash TV or alternative web on iPad2?

09 Jan 12:


Your questions, opinions or theories about technical aspects of the game of Squash.

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Replies: 2599

30 Nov 20: WWW.Dumps.Services - Dumps Shop / Cvv Dumps Shop

01 Dec 19: Playing unconventional players

09 Oct 18: Hand Pain

04 Jul 18: Shoulder Injuries

12 Nov 17: Looking for old Prince Hybrid rackets


Stories about people, places and events related to Squash

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Replies: 862

30 Nov 20: Us-BkShop.Com Dumps With Pin For Sale - Buy Dumps

29 Nov 20: //call+27634599132// to love spells to return you

29 Nov 20: attack revenge spell to revenge on+27673406922

29 Nov 20: BEST LOVE SPELL CASTER +27634599132

29 Nov 20: Church of illuminate to make rich +27815693240

The Guru Speaks

The Guru speaks and every one says "Eh?"!

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Replies: 54

26 Nov 20: It's Duck for Dinner

07 Jul 19: There is Talent in Heart

03 Feb 15: Squash as a Metaphor for Life...

08 Apr 11: Antennae Squashed, Reception Hazy.

08 Apr 11: Deception Can Be Deceiving

Raystrach's Squash Blog

The webmaster's daily battle to improve his Squash and achieve his goals.

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Replies: 150

20 Nov 20: Carl Made Me Do It!

06 Apr 20: Three Little Things

30 Jun 19: Is Anybody There?

19 Apr 15: Age Is No Barrier - Yeah Right!

04 Feb 15: Just Do It - Or Maybe Not


Facts, features and FAQ's about every element of the website

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Replies: 181

05 Jun 20: Moving stuff about again

08 Dec 09: Origins of Doubles Squash

18 Nov 09: Apologies for Site Problems

03 Aug 09: SQL Errors in the site

19 May 09: Getting Started with ECoach

Rippa Rit's Championship Tip

The tips and hints that make champions

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Replies: 518

20 Nov 20: About short angles

10 May 20: Absent during play

30 Jun 19: Goal setting

11 Jan 13: What makes a difficult match?

23 Oct 12: About a Reverse Boast

Squash Gear Forum

At, you become the expert when you share your experience with Squash gear with the world.

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Replies: 1740

11 Feb 20: Hyper Hammer 120 string and tension?

02 Jan 20: Overgrips

16 Dec 19: Shoes with too much grip

16 Dec 19: Mid shoe recommendations

16 Dec 19: Squash Racket Stringing

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